KubeCon Europe 2018

I was excited last week as KubeCon Europe 2018 was held in Copenhagen. Whilst I didn't get to go, the Keynote talks from each day were streamed live and I managed to catch most of them during the live streaming sessions.

These talks and lots of others have now be put online via the Cloud Native Computing Foundation's Youtube Channel (at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvqbFHwN-nwalWPjPUKpvTA) and I just wanted to highlight a few of those that I found particular interesting:

Anatomy of a Production Kubernetes Outage - https://www.cybermist.co.uk/favourite-keynotes-from-kubecon-europe-2018/

Running with Scissors - https://www.cybermist.co.uk/favourite-keynotes-from-kubecon-europe-2018-number-2/

Crossing the River by Feeling the Stones -